Gene info
HGNC approved symbolAIRE
HGNC approved nameautoimmune regulator
Entrez gene IDGeneID:326
(SSTAR profile)
UniProt AC (human)O43918
UniProt ID (human)AIRE_HUMAN
Pfam domainsPHD PF00628 (298-343)
Pfam-B_9104 PB009104 (481-543)
SAND PF01342 (189-249)
Sp100 PF03172 (1-106)
MGI symbolAire
MGI IDMGI:1338803
UniProt AC (mouse)Q9Z0E3
UniProt ID (mouse)AIRE_MOUSE
HGNC gene family tagPHF
HGNC gene family descriptionZinc fingers, PHD-type
FunctionHistone modification read, TF
PMID for information on functionPMID:18292755
Protein complex#
Target moleculehistone, DNA
Target entityH3K4, H3K4me3, DNA motif
PMID for information on targetPMID:18292755
CommentAIRE selectively interacts with histone H3 through its first plant homeodomain (PHD) finger (AIRE–PHD1) and preferentially binds to non-methylated H3K4 (H3K4me0). Accordingly, in vivo AIRE binds to and activates promoters containing low levels of H3K4me3 in human embryonic kidney 293 cells. AIRE–PHD1 is an important member of a newly identified class of PHD fingers that specifically recognize H3K4me0, thus providing a new link between the status of histone modifications.
Status of entry#

Expression statistics
Expression range: 0.0 to 194.63
Mean expression: 0.34 ± 6.63
Median expression: 0.0
Sample class Sample Expression (RLE-normalized CAGE tags per million)
Quantile over all genes