Gene info
HGNC approved symbolRAD54L2
Status of entry#
HGNC ID29123
HGNC approved nameRAD54-like 2 (S. cerevisiae)
Entrez gene ID23132
UniProt AC (human)Q9Y4B4
UniProt ID (human)ARIP4_HUMAN
Pfam domainsHelicase_C PF00271 774-854, Pfam-B_2830 PB002830 105-259, SNF2_N PF00176 274-625
MGI symbolRad54l2
MGI ID1933196
UniProt AC (mouse)Q99NG0
UniProt ID (mouse)ARIP4_MOUSE
HGNC gene family tag#
HGNC gene family description#
FunctionChromatin remodelling
PMID for information on function19692572
Protein complex#
Target moleculechromatin
Target entity#
UniProt ID of targets#
PMID for information on target19692572
CommentARIP4 =RAD54L2 contains SNF2 domain that functions as a motor protein in chromatin remodeling complexes.

Expression statistics
Expression range: N/A
Mean expression: N/A
Median expression: N/A
Sample class Sample Expression (RLE-normalized CAGE tags per million)
Quantile over all genes