Histone info
HGNC approved symbolHIST2H2BD
Status of entry#
HGNC ID20517
HGNC approved namehistone cluster 2, H2bd (pseudogene)
Entrez gene ID337874
UniProt AC (human)Q6DRA6
UniProt ID (human)H2B2D_HUMAN
Pfam domainsHistone PF00125 32-95
MGI symbol#
UniProt AC (mouse)#
UniProt ID (mouse)#
HGNC gene family tagHIST
HGNC gene family descriptionHistones / Replication-dependent
Protein complex#
UniProt ID of targeting protein#
Name of targeting complexSAGA, FACT, SRCAP
PMID for reference on annotation#

Expression statistics
Expression range: N/A
Mean expression: N/A
Median expression: N/A
Sample class Sample Expression (RLE-normalized CAGE tags per million)
Quantile over all genes