Protein complex info
Complex group nameSWI/SNF
Complex nameCERF
Status of entryNew
Genes in complexCECR2#117, SMARCA1#559
Alternative namesCECR2-containing-remodeling factor complex
Proteins involvedCECR2, SMARCA1
Uniprot IDs of involved proteins
PMID for reference on complex composition15640247
Functionchromatin remodeling complex
PMID for reference on function15640247
Target molecule typechromatin
Specific target#
Target UniProt ID#
PMID for reference on targets and products#
Commentfacilitates the perturbation of chromatin structure in an ATP-dependent manner. May be involved through its interaction with LRPPRC in the integration of cytoskeletal network with vesicular trafficking, nucleocytosolic shuttling, transcription, chromosome remodeling and cytokinesis.